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.  I have also got some guidelines I have modified for use at Portobello, which I will list here, some are from NHS Lothian facilitators others are from other practices and some I did myself. I just don’t see the point in everyone having to start from scratch, please if you think you can use them please download and use and if you think you can improve them or have some better ones please let me know so they can be shared with other practices in Lothian.

To install just download, unzip to desktop. Then in consultation manager go to guidelines and import, please remember importing them does not add them to your guideline index. To do this open guideline index (brown book yellow G icon) then go into design mode and import guideline.



Our INR guideline showing inr results and targets

Anticipatory care

This guideline we use for input of anticipatory  care codes, its just so all clinicians are using same codes

Asthma Management

Really just an input screen for asthma review

Basic consultation

Derived from Lothians Guideline. Shows priority 1 and 2 history. Also has consultation free text. We have added quite a few buttons we use here. Also uses some macros avail below

Basic Health Values

Just basic health value input screen think this is a lothian one

COPD Management

COPD annual review input screen

Depression Management

Depression management screen

Diabetes Management

Diabetes annual review input screen

Enhanced Services

Enhanced services , inc copd, sexual health,minor surgery, minor injury, osteoporosis


Flu guideline uses macros to input flu jag in one click

Health Questionaire

We use this to enter new reg info

Leavers summary

This is a leavers report split into history priority and not problem, as we only use problems for records 9

MH Review

Simple guideline for a mental health review

Modified gold standards

This is a GSFS1 modified guideline as we found original too busy

Nurses input

Guideline for nurses mainly recalls and jags

Osteoporosis des

Says it all

Results input

This is the results we used to record before getting labs electronicaly

Summarising notes

This is one for anyone sumarising notes, has codes for notes, recieved,sent and summarised,also shows childrens risk if Under 16 and smears if fmale and corerect age

Patient summary

Shows high and med priority,plus basic health and therapy,last 6 visit,surgery or telephone encounters ideal to print and take on home visits. We have this set as initial screen for clinicians


A nest of vacination screens included in summarising guideline


Most of the macros we use, some are needed in the guidelines. All are built with autohotkey which is free to use. Included are the text .ahk files and the compiled .exe files